All members of ANB must abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  • To treat fellow ANB members, investees and other investors with utmost respect and fairness.
  •  To act with honesty and professional ethics in all Angel investing activities.
  • To not engage in any activity that may damage the reputation of ANB.
  • To disclose and ethically manage any conflict of interest that may arise.
  • To maintain appropriate confidentiality of all documents shared with the member, especially those relating to a potential investee, and respect other members privacy.

ANB Members are committed to the following values:

  • To make a positive impact on Botswana’s Business environment and economic growth
  • To make risk adjusted positive returns for investments made into local startups
  • To grow and promote angel investment as a viable alternative investment class in Botswana 
Positive Impact

Our Angels are committed to making a positive impact on Botswana’s business environment & supporting local entrepreneurs entrepreneurs through funding, mentorship, and access to networks.

Risk Adjusted Positive Returns

The Core Members of ANB are individual business angels committed to make a risk adjusted positive returns for investments made into local startups.

Fun & Motivation

All members of ANB recognize the critical importance of entrepreneurship to Botswana’s economic growth story, thus are committed to have fun and be motivated by the innovative ideas and high energy of the entrepreneurs being supported.