Head of Communications

Brief info

Fred in his role as Head of Communications is responsible for managing web, social media, media and other external communications, and coordinating corporate partnerships.

Fred Maunze is an Operations Specalist with experience in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and management. An operations specialist with an educational background in IT and Finance and further on the job experience in Marketing and Industrial Machinery support.

He is a shareholder of Ravtech Solutions (Pty) Ltd – company that specilises in the Supply and Maintenance of Batch Coding Machinery in Botswana, Adeola (Pty) t/a Aseyori Consulting Ltd – a company that focus on Agriculture, Manufacturing and Consulting in Botswana and Adeola Africa (Pty) Ltd – a company that focuses on Logistocs and Procurement in Souht Africa.

His goal is to contribute towards the development and galvanising of the African Entrepreneur & Economy. I am always seeking business opportunities, providing advisory/mentorship, ready to grow my network and trade in Africa.


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