Angel Network Botswana’s Ideal


  •  Our angels have track records managing and building successful companies either as entrepreneurs or operating executives.
  •  They are all accredited investors.
  •  They all dedicate significant time and effort to ANB activities, including attending breakfast meetings and screening sessions, identifying and analyzing investment opportunities, and serving on ANB committees.
  •  They are experienced in angel investing, leading Due Diligence, structuring investments, and mentoring entrepreneurs.
  •  They form an extensive peer network of domain expertise and contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology.


  • The opportunity to view investment presentations from, pre-screened companies.
  • Access to an exclusive, member-only events and additional information on companies at various stages of ANB’s deal-flow process and other information for Botswana-based angel investors.
  • Access to small and focused educational events that enhance their knowledge of various aspects of the early-stage private equity process.
  • The opportunity to form relationships and share business opportunities with other successful early-stage investors through various social events.